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The Power of a Team in the Great Outdoors – Hilti Canada

Taking Leadership to the “NexLevel” through experiential team building

Power of a team; this ambitious & diverse team showed up at our course for a day of team building and to have some fun! The goals were to focus on communication, accountability & trust, yet the results were so much more!

These guys had the opportunity to:

see one another in a different light than they do at work

build on one another’s success

experience the value of leadership through team building

better understand what it means to truly release control and trust your team

have fun and are motivated to incorporate more fun into their daily roles

Why will Hilti Canada recommend NexLevel Challenge?

“Great location, great people & very engaging fun activities”

“A lot of fun, eye opening & experiences were related to real life”

“Fantastic opportunity to bring team together to build teamwork and trust”