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Collaboration, Connection and Opportunities – Phone Experts Red Deer


Collaboration first. Phone Experts is a forward thinking company, with a team of individuals who primarily have a growth mindset. For their day on the course, they wanted to get the different departments to connect and work “collaboratively for the betterment and good health of the entire company.”


We set up their day to show them the wealth of opportunities they have to gain, when they make better connections with the people on their team. These “great problem solvers, supportive and creative thinkers,” met all the challenges head on.

“The first activity brought us together quickly.”

“Being together and getting to know everyone on a more personal level,” and “discovering things I didn’t know about co workers,” helped to build more trust. Recognizing they had “great people with diverse strengths,” and using those strengths to their advantage, helped them in their problem solving process through all the experiences during their day.


The one thing all teams learn when they come out to the course is the importance of communication. Nothing makes that more clear or focuses it faster than the high ropes. This team really pulled together to get through the challenge.

“It was terrifying, but my team supported me so much I laughed out loud.”

“They learned very quickly they had to “rely on everyone to make sure [they] were okay.”

“We like to try to do things on our own, then we realize we need each other.”  It’s this kind of awareness that showed them they “work so much better together than apart,” and when they are “willing to help and encourage others to succeed,” they can adopt a “team approach to problem solving that’s successful.”

Every company that opts for a fully facilitated day on the ropes course loves the big takeaways they get to bring back to the office to make their teams stronger.

For Phone Experts their day on the course showed them they need to:

Improve team communication.

Ask for help because none of us have to do it alone.

Have more interaction with other members so we can build on our talents.

Avoid the silos and encourage a team approach.

Have more trust and be more open and honest.

Discuss goals more often.

Reach out to others for advice.

Work more together.

Meet more regularly to collaborate.

Communicate better and come together for difficult tasks.

The opportunities that opened up for the team through their connection and collaboration made this dynamic team even better.

Imagine what it can do for yours!

The season books quickly, so give us a call today!

We’d be happy to build a customized program fully designed to bring out the best in your team.