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Team Building and the Effect on Relationships and Trust

Team building – Can it help create strong relationships among co-workers?

Team building plays an integral part in the success of a company. Successful business owners understand interpersonal relationships at the office are a significant part of working life. Relationships can make the difference between someone performing well or just doing the bare minimum. Or, the difference between someone looking forward to work and being engaged, or just counting down the hours till home time.

Lack of Trust affects the Bottom Line

Occasionally, you find the fortunate circumstance where the right people are grouped together. They spontaneously get along, and develop the trust and respect they need to work productively together. More often than not though, we start business relationships with a lack of trust and, when there is a lack of trust, open and honest communication is unlikely. Valuable energy, time and resources are lost through employees protecting themselves and ‘‘watching their backs”.

When a team is not effectively communicating and there is a lack of trust among the employees, anxiety and stress will follow. A variety of negative behaviors will develop. This will be followed by repeatedly checking other’s work, lack of delegation, gossiping and complaining. These behaviors will directly result in a lack of productivity and-increased employee turnover. This will ultimately affect the company bottom line.

Invest in your Team Development in a Unique Way

Increasingly, experiential based learning is being incorporated into corporate team development programs to support groups in building trust and effective communication strategies. Challenge Ropes Courses provide the foundation for a team to truly work together in order to accomplish a common goal. Individuals are required to step up and take responsibility for their actions. There is overt recognition if one person fails. It is likely then, the team will also fail so it is in everyone’s best interest to discover the best way to support each other and work together.

Effective Communication Affects the Bottom Line

Through working together, in a unique environment and facing challenges together, teams learn how to communicate effectively. They learn to think strategically and build personal relationships. The team will learn about the strengths and weaknesses of its members. They learn how to utilize these diversities. One person may stand out as a creative problem solver. Another may demonstrate natural leadership ability. While another may focus on important details. These are all valuable skills within a team environment.

Experiential learning is powerful.  Through expert facilitation, knowledge and skills learned on the course can be easily transferred back into the work environment. Lessons learned through experience are not easily forgotten. In addition, a day in the outdoors on a challenge course is fun and “the team that plays together stays together”. I’d go one step further and say “the team that plays together achieves together”.

Red Lodge Ropes Course, a division of NexLevel Challenge, works with businesses that share our mindset, philosophy, and values of Connection, Fun & Excellence.  Our powerful experiential training programs create high performance teams.

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