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Things to do for Team Bonding

Things to do for Team Bonding – A COVID-Relaunch Sports Team Reconnect


As the COVID relaunch continues, we are beginning to hear from sports teams looking for the chance to reconnect. This is what they are saying…

“What are some things you offer for team bonding? We finally have permission to start up our sports leagues again, but our team feels disconnected and fragmented.  We need to come together and re-build our chemistry.”

Sound familiar?

The question of “what can our team do to safely reconnect” is on the minds of many sports team leaders, coaches and mentors as we continue into Phase 3 of Alberta’s Re-launch Strategy.

Sports Are Back!

Sports are back! The COVID Re-launch era has begun; things continue to open up and more people are returning to their groups, sports and businesses.  

So you may be wondering; what can I do to help my team reconnect?

Here is a list of activities that have been proven to help teams reconnect, develop personal bonds and create a winning team culture. 

  1. Get Outside.

During the lock-down, many people were in their houses, on their screens and not being as social as they were used to.  Right now, people want to get outside and have the chance to connect with others.

  1. Organize a Challenge.

It’s proven that when a team has to accomplish something or overcome a challenge, they grow closer together and build trust.  While outside, create an opportunity for your team to work together:

  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Short & silly ‘Minute to Win It’ Games
  • Cross-train with other team sports, like soccer, football or baseball.
  1. Fun Communication.

Winning teams all know how to communicate. Good communication provides an open door for accountability on the field or rink and builds trust between players.  There are lots of fun ways to learn how to communicate:

  • Obstacle Courses
  • Geocaching
  • The Perfect Square; wearing a blindfold, or with eyes closed, the group must pick up a rope and create a PERFECT square. Sounds simple? Give it a try!

Organizations and Programs Can Help Team Bonding 

There are a number of organizations and programs designed to facilitate these kinds of activities.  Not all coaches and team leaders are trained and equipped to manage this part of the team building journey. 

NexLevel and Red Lodge Ropes Course were specifically built to address these needs and provide expert team building and development facilitation.  This is what we do; we help teams have fun and connect, building a foundation for team excellence. 

Red Lodge Ropes Course – A High Ropes Experience

Red Lodge Ropes Course checks all the boxes:

  • It’s outdoors
  • It creates challenges teams have to overcome together, and 
  • It encourages fun communication between the team members; a great learning experience

The Red Lodge Ropes Course is a local Alberta company that excels in creating team building and team bonding experiences.  Not only is there an extensive high ropes course and many ground activity elements, but their team building professionals create and facilitate programs specifically for you and your team.  

What does this mean for me?

It means we can take a look at the specific team bonding and team building needs of your team and tailor something specifically for you.  

Our discovery assessment is a tool we use to specifically build the experience you need for your team.  

Click Here to get a custom-built quote from our discovery assessment, a custom-designed team-building program and a professionally facilitated team experience for your team. 

What’s the Difference Between Team Bonding and Team Building?

Team Building is the catch-phrase but we like to break it down into three main subcategories that are sequential and build on each other:

  1. Team bonding
  2. Team building
  3. Team development

There are steps in the development and “coming together” of a team.  It’s not a one size fits all approach. Different teams have different needs and our program is designed to identify these differences and provide custom solutions to help teams succeed.  

    1. Team Bonding
      • Team bonding is generally more social and designed to facilitate a relational connection.  
      • It is meant for teams that need to reconnect and increase their relational connections rather than being focused on an end goal
      • Low facilitation requirement.
    2. Team Building
      • Team Building is a more intentional opportunity for a group to experience real learning and connection.
      • There is a specific outcome and a specific achievement with team debriefs.
      • Includes expert facilitation.
    3. Team Development
      • Team Development is an ongoing training series that focuses on long term team cohesiveness and excellence.  This is not a one-time event, but rather an intentionally designed pathway for team development and evolution.
      • Includes science-based team training modules.
      • Facilitated by an Advanced Certified Facilitator and progress is tracked and monitored.

What This All Means

There are a number of activities you can do for team bonding, and, as teams start to relaunch from our COVID world, these activities have never been more important.  The social and relational aspects of a team are paramount.  

At NexLevel and Red Lodge Ropes Course, we are here to help.  We have designed our programs to specifically address the unique issues and needs of teams.  

If your team needs to reconnect, we can help facilitate activities and programs that will be fun, safe and support your journey to team excellence.