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Building On Your Company Assets – A leader in the Oil & Energy Industry

Build on your company assets

When you have a team that works well together and knows their strengths, you simply want to build on the company assets you already have in place. This company had that kind of team, so we created a day for them that would ensure they learned more about each other in ways you just can’t get at the office.

Plan before doing

“If you’re movin’, you’re doin’,was one big insight the team took away with them. If you don’t stop and take the time to “communicate and plan before doing” you could be heading off in the wrong direction. And that causes unnecessary issues down the road.

“It was great to see we had a good willingness to slow down and think before acting.”

As a team, they realized they needed “more discussion up front, prior to jumping into execution.” This is the kind of wisdom that will help them shine even more brilliantly back at the office as well. They know they need to pause and consider who their best assets are for the job at hand. What skills are needed to efficiently complete the task or tasks, before they jump into a project.

Analyze and incorporate learning

“We can reduce the repetition of failed approaches by analyzing the results and incorporating the learning.”

That alone will improve productivity and bottom line profit margins very quickly for this company.

It goes to show one day on the ropes course can make a high functioning team even more effective. That’s a great asset for any company.

Let us help you ‘build on and build up’ your assets. A day tailored to your team’s needs will give you insights you can’t imagine – yet!

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