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And in 2010, Red Lodge Ropes Course was born with a goal of adding fun back into the lives of our clients

About Us: As a family, back in 2004, we had the opportunity to experience an extremely enlightening personal development retreat. This intense and life changing experience became the inspiration to build our own facility. Six years later, we built the Red Lodge Ropes Course, and our journey began.

Our focus was on building teams through fun & engaging experiences. We became certified as Challenge Course Practitioners through ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology), attended conferences for years and honed our experiential and facilitation skills.

We quickly realized what our clients were craving was fun and connection.

Fun has the ability to take your awareness and understanding of others to an entirely different level. It is a powerful element often overlooked in today’s world of discontent, disengagement and disconnection. As children, learning always revolves around play and it’s no coincidence that kids are creative, great problem solvers and get along!

Amazing things happen when you play & laugh!

Our Ropes Course is one of the most extensive in the province, built on a property that has been in our family since the 1920’s. Carefully designed and built by an ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology) certified vendor, this course is guaranteed to meet your team’s needs. We always meet or exceed ACCT standards, ensuring both physical and emotional safety of our guests.

You will be both safe AND challenged!

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Better Teams through Fun, Connection & Excellence

Shared Experiences that Deepen Self Awareness & Team Discovery

Red Lodge Ropes Course offers a variety of team bonding and team building programs for corporate and sports teams to help them achieve new heights together. Literally!

We have one of the most extensive high ropes courses, including ground team-building elements, in the Calgary and Red Deer areas.

Everyone can participate in their own way

Red Lodge Ropes Course offers a variety of programming types and options, to ensure everyone is able to choose their own adventure.

Each individual is unique, with their own strengths, challenges, goals, and limitations. Team building programs at Red Lodge Ropes Course are designed with these unique needs in mind – our goal is for both the physical and psychological safety of all participants.

Our commitment to you is that each team member will be able to participate in a way that meets their strength, skill, and comfort level.

Why Red Lodge Ropes Course?

100% Customized Programming

Our Program Designers strive to understand your team and your goals before building your custom experience…no two programs are the same!

Work with Professionals

Your team is full of great professionals; our team is trained to challenge them and deliver an unforgettable experience, highlighting their strengths and ensuring valuable learnings.