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Things to do for Team Bonding

Things to do for Team Bonding – A COVID-Relaunch Sports Team Reconnect   As the COVID relaunch continues, we are beginning to hear from sports teams looking for the chance to reconnect. This is what they are saying… “What are some things you offer for team bonding? We finally have permission to start up our […]

How to Make Employees Feel Connected

How to Make Employees Feel Connected – A COVID Re-launch Strategy   There is substantial research that says when employees feel connected, they are more productive (link). I think we’ve all experienced positive and negative workplace environments and understand, first hand, how critical a positive atmosphere is to performance and success.    Many employers & team […]

Even the Most Forward Thinking Companies Need to Get Insight – TWT Group

Forward Thinking Practices TWT Group is a company that prides itself on forward-thinking practices and an interactive culture of growth. We’ve seen few companies score so well on the Nexlevel Challenge Satisfaction Survey. It compares the perceptions of the management team to the perceptions of the team members, on all the key areas of corporate […]

Encana Teams Just Wanna Have Fun!

Encana experiences another kind of water cooler. Team fun was the order of the day, and this Encana team got to experience that first hand, when they brought their team out to the ropes course. They also realized there are a lot of benefits to getting your team out of the office to do something […]

Communication, Collaboration and Trust – Olds College Women’s Hockey Team

Communication, Collaboration and Trust – key components of a winning team Communication is a key component to creating a winning team. You simply can’t make great plays, without having team members who communicate, collaborate and trust each other. This was the breakthrough for the Olds College Women’s Hockey Team. Quick integration of new players Starting […]