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MRU Women's hockey team

Things to do for Team Bonding – A COVID-Relaunch Sports Team Reconnect   As the COVID relaunch continues, we are beginning to hear from sports teams looking for the chance to reconnect. This is what they are saying… “What are some things you offer for team bonding? We finally have permission to start up our […]

Covid safe team building

How to Make Employees Feel Connected – A COVID Re-launch Strategy   There is substantial research that says when employees feel connected, they are more productive (link). I think we’ve all experienced positive and negative workplace environments and understand, first hand, how critical a positive atmosphere is to performance and success.    Many employers & team […]

Characteristics of a Cohesive Team-banner

Characteristics of a Cohesive Team What are the characteristics of a cohesive team? Building a high-performance team involves collaboration and teamwork, both of which can be taught and developed; and while building a successful team may be challenging at times, these key tips will assist you. A common goal High performing teams work to achieve […]